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Very interesting film! Lots of fun characters and moments, definitely reminds me of Felix Colgrave’s sort of flat and surrealist style but with a uniquely digital and stretchy aesthetic. I enjoy the ambiguity and absurdity of the story and would encourage you to push those weirder elements further in future works, but maybe in a less shit-post-y kind of way. Also for a 16 minute film, it didn’t feel like it dragged at all and it was really fun to watch the whole way through. Seriously good work!

Funny stuff, man.

mcgettigan responds:

Hey thanks buddy.

Oh good, now that the sexy diives girls are giving information maybe people will listen

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This game was amazing, it was very addicting and kept me entertained. The story behind was creative and the overall tone was dark and gross (I love that kind of shit). You guys just earned yourselves another five bucks. Bravo!

Pretty good

But it's very boring. I like the idea, but playing it is boring.

InvokeXorgPl responds:

Yes it is. You're right. But it is not supposed to be funny. This game was not created for that purpose. I think its quite shocking seeing it for the first time. Thanks for all people for voting and reviewing.

Fun but has a few problems.

The game controls were easy to remember, the levels are fun and the move sets makes Mario games almost cool. I enjoyed how you upgraded the characters and the characters you chose for this were amazing. There was only one problem, every single time I get to a level inside of the castle, the game keeps freezing, stopping and sometimes won't even respond and that makes it so my character always dies when it unfreezes. If someone were to fix that, this could end up being the number 1 best internet game of all time.

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You kinda sound like Hotdiggedydemon.

As for the voice acting, it's borderline mediocre from what you showed. Granted, you did say that Jamal wanted speed over quality, so I can't blame you entirely. The voice just wasn't as convincing as a character, I guess. Not bad though.

Psychopath responds:

To whom it may concern, click the link in the description; that's not a script, that's a PM he sent to me after I left a review on an animation he uploaded about a week ago. He then removed it shortly after because I reviewed it.

In short, I did this voice acting clip to mock him since he wrote in the description of his movie that he was scouting for actors, before he removed it that is.

Awesome just plain awesome

The song was so full of suspence, it was just amazing and you even snuck some rock into it! You have magic audio powers or something because everything you make is so awesome it deserves the highest rating ever. 100/5


I like it how you made the song sound dark and creepy.

armydanywolf responds:

thanks but its crap...

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Fun style and animation on the lighting, could be a little smoother on the transition from day to night though

little-slice responds:

What a horrible night to have a curse.

I would loooooove to see this animated, the simple and fun style is just begging for this piece to be some sort of looping animation

CupOfJoe7 responds:

I would love that too. I am not too good at animating pixel art, but i may give it a shot.

Very expressive style man, I love it! Good colors too.

callofcathulhu responds:

thank you!

Half animator. Half rat-creature.

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